Goals-based financial planning and customizing wealth strategies for each client helps us become our clients’ stewards. It ensures that our guidance and recommendations are in line with their values, goals, and objectives.

The Financial Plan

The financial plan is the foundation to everything we do. It includes important topics such as cash flow planning, education and retirement planning, investment allocations, and estate planning.

Investment Management

We customize portfolios based on each client’s risk preferences and stated objectives. Portfolios may consist of individual securities, mutual funds, and or exchange-traded funds (ETF’s).

Regardless of the underlying holdings, investors will pay KJ&J Wealth Management an advisory fee (see fee schedule below). These are expressed as a percentage based on the assets being managed and include costs to create, monitor, and adjust the financial plan. Household assets are aggregated to obtain a lower advisory fee when possible.

Tax Planning

We analyze recent tax returns and provide an easy-to-read report that identifies opportunities to become more tax-efficient in our decisions. From ROTH conversions, to tax loss harvesting, to the best way to make charitable contributions. No matter your goals or situation, we will find the most tax efficient way for you to accomplish it.

Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer

Warren Buffett once said, “Give your kids enough so they can do anything but not so much that they’ll do nothing.”

We work closely with each client to ensure transfers of wealth are done in a tax-efficient manner and have the intended effects. Unfortunately, many wealth transfers are done without thinking about how it may affect the beneficiary – both the amount and the timing of the wealth.

KJ&J Annual Advisory Fees

First $550k 1.15%
Next $550k 1.00%
Over $1.1MM 0.90%