Our primary goal is to deliver a positive experience for all our clients.

This begins by ensuring that we are a good fit. We spend time getting to know you and sharing our goal-based and advisory process upfront to make sure we are on the same page.

Having realistic expectations is a significant contributor to creating a positive client experience. Expectations about the markets, your financial plan, our services, our relationship, and costs of doing business. We pride ourselves in being both upfront and transparent throughout the investment process and client relationship.

We have put together our meeting process below so you know exactly what to expect should you want to learn more about working with KJ&J Wealth Management.

Initial “Fit” Call

Getting to Know Each Other

15-minute phone or video call

  • Highlight your needs & goals
  • Determine if we are a good fit
  • Schedule next meeting
  • POST CALL: Email questionnaire to help me understand your values, views on money, and communication preferences.)

First Meeting

Your Current Situation and Goals

60-minute in person or video call

  • Review Responses: Your views and experience with money and values
  • Discuss expectations and how they align with your values & goals
  • Gather financial data  
  • Share enduring investment truths and helpful investment perspectives
  • Schedule next meeting

Second Meeting

Plan Delivery & Implementation

60-minute in person or video call

  • Present your plan
  • Review recommended action items
  • Execute plan & investment portfolio
  • Schedule first review and discuss communication preferences